The Hepatitis Foundation International, while utilizing its global experience, partnerships and strategic capabilities has now launched Global Access Now™, a program through which HFI brings together stakeholders to find solutions that will bring lifesaving, curative medication to those in need. In line with the 2016 World Health Organization’s Global Health Sector Strategies for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STIs, 2016-2021, HFI’s Global Access Now™ will reach and leads collaboration among all stakeholders of the hepatitis community including the pharmaceutical industry, the biomedical research industry, the healthcare infrastructure industry, health care providers, public health professionals, patients and patient advocacy organizations.

HFI’s Global Access Now™ Programmatic Objectives are as follows:

  1. Promoting a global dialogue on viral hepatitis and increased awareness:
  2. Seeking Solutions
  3. Expanding Global Alliances and Collaboration
  4. Establish Global Patient Advocacy Council
  5. Global Medical and Scientific Advisory Council
  6. Promoting development of health care infrastructure and delivery systems:

To accomplish the aforementioned objectives, the HFI is bringing together global stakeholders to ensure global access to treatment and mitigate the onset of liver diseases for optimal health outcomes. For more information, contact: