Over the last two decades, the Hepatitis Foundation International through its extensive outreach programs, services and resources has reached constituents and communities worldwide.

In fact, there are numerous organizations that have adopted the Hepatitis Foundation name designating a particular country. To this end, HFI implemented several outreach programs and global collaborations including:

  • Providing guidance and facilitating knowledge exchange with health systems, programs, colleges and universities worldwide (Asia, Africa, India) for the implementation of hepatitis and liver cancer programs and services.
  •  Convening a meeting with the World Health Organization‘s (WHO) Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board in Geneva, Switzerland to share Liver Wellness as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  •  Presenting HFI’s Foundation for Decision Making (FDM) – This approach was presented to representatives from France, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Spain and the UK.
  •  HFI has also made FDM presentations in Toronto, Canada to the Canadian Liver Foundation.
  •  FDM training was also convened for healthcare providers in Puerto Rico and educational material was replicated for use in high schools.
  •  During 2015 the HFI participated in the World Hepatitis Global Meeting as a delegate from the U.S. to move forward with the passage of the Scotland Global Hepatitis Eradication Declaration.
  •  2016 HFI appealed to World Health Organization (WHO) executive board members and submitted a letter of support urging movement and passage of the WHO’s global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis.
  •  2015-2016 HFI compiled data and submitted to the African Union, current hepatitis prevalence, treatment, and national plans and offered assistance to create hepatitis communities to raise awareness about viral hepatitis through health education and implementing a prevention plan.
  •  2015-2016 HFI was invited to present at the International Conference, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary, Transplant & Nutrition and appointed to the International Advisory Board and serves on the Editorial Board.
  •  2016 HFI continues to implement is Hepatitis Lunch and Learn Series with local embassies and offer assistance to implement and mobilize their viral hepatitis prevention plan.

Given HFI’s involvement in the global fight against viral hepatitis, the organization has continued to develop and cultivate valuable partnerships that provide outreach, perspective and experience.