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The November 2014 Edition of 
Health-e Bytes™

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  • Hepatitis Stakeholders Consensus Meeting
    — Closing the Gap on Racial and Ethnic Hepatitis Disparities
  • HFI in the Know...
    — Viral Hepatitis Summits
  • Lifestyle...
    — Vaccines - Calling The Shots” on NOVA & PBS
    — Why is Whooping Cough Coming Back?
    — Flu Shots
    — Vaccination Recommendations for Patients with Liver Diseases
    — Who should get vaccinated against Hepatitis A?
    — Who should get hepatitis B vaccine?
  • Grand Rounds...
    — Enterovirus D68 And Influenza Far More Dangerous Than
        Ebola In U.S., Say Top Infectious Diseases Physicians
    — Hepatitis Foundation International Launches
        Medical Advisory and Scientific Council (HFI-MASC)
    — Announcing 2014-2015 National Viral Hepatitis Summit Series
    — Pneumococcal vaccine reduces antibiotic-resistant
        infections in children by 62%
  • In the Pipeline...
    — Potential Use of OCA to Treat NASH 
    — The Promise of a Hepatitis C Vaccine
    — FDA Approves New Hepatitis C Drug, Harvoni
  • Advocacy...
    —Project Inform campaign to involve the public in discussion of     costly life saving hepatitis C treatments.
  • T.I.PS.
    — HealthMap Vaccine Finder — a free online service
  • There's An App for That:
    — IDdx, a decision-support software tool developed to
        assist in the diagnosis of infectious diseases..
  • Helping Hands...Hope Goes Viral
    — December 2, 2014 – GIVING TUESDAY