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HFI Research


For more than 20 years, Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI) has been and continues to be a strong proponent of accelerated health research to hasten cures for hepatitis and other liver related diseases.

HFI believes that engaging more individuals in patient centered research and supporting scientific discoveries will greatly add to preliminary data collected over the years to promote best practices in more efficient patient care.

HFI is partnering with key entities to develop innovative, cutting edge tools to provide patient centered research to assist individuals, patients and their health care providers to make more informed decisions and move to optimal health outcomes.

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Note: HFI will provide full disclosure about all research information and will fully enforce its privacy policy to protect individuals, patients, families and caregivers.

Partnership to Improve Patient Care
Hepatitis Roundtable

The following document is from a Hepatitis Roundtable discussion held on May 8, 2014. The discussion included experts in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with hepatitis B and C.

The group discussed current challenges to, and potential solutions for, the appropriate dissemination and implementation of clinical evidence related to hepatitis, as well as the value and clinical benefits of ensuring patients and providers have access to reliable, relevant, current data and information. In conclusion, the group developed consensus around recommendations to PCORI, including recommendations for research that would facilitate implementation of existing screening recommendations and therapies. Additional recommendations were identified for policymakers and stakeholders more generally to advance guidelines that optimize disease screening and treatment. Read more...