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Primary Biliary Cirrhosis With No Liver Enzyme Abnormalities – Diagnosis And Management

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis With Normal Liver Enzymes

Primary biliary cirrhosis, recently renamed primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), is an autoimmune disease characterized by progressive destruction of the small bile ducts in the liver. This damages the liver’s ability to excrete bile, leading to buildup of toxins and waste. The condition eventually causes irreversible cirrhosis if left untreated.  Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Without Elevated Liver … Read more

Gut Bacteria And Blood Pressure – Can Your Gut Health Affect Blood Pressure?

Gut Health And Blood Pressure

High blood pressure continues to be a growing health epidemic, affecting over one billion people globally. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure damages arteries and contributes to heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, and premature death when left uncontrolled.  In this article, we’ll examine how your gut health relates to blood pressure control and discuss … Read more

Does Sugarcane Increase Sugar Level? Exploring The Truth

Does Sugarcane Increase Sugar Level Exploring The Truth

Sugarcane is a popular sweetener used around the world in foods, drinks, and even biofuels. Its natural sugar content leads many to question whether consuming sugarcane in raw form can impact blood sugar and diabetes risk. In this article, we’ll explore the links between sugarcane, blood sugar levels, and diabetes.  Is There Any Connection Between … Read more

Hepatitis A Impfung – Alles, Was Sie Wissen Müssen!

Hepatitis A Impfung - Alles, Was Sie Wissen Müssen

Hepatitis A ist eine Leberentzündung, die durch das Hepatitis-A-Virus ausgelöst wird. Die Erkrankung wird vor allem fäkal-oral übertragen, das heißt durch verunreinigte Lebensmittel oder Wasser. In Deutschland kommen pro Jahr etwa 1000-2000 Hepatitis A Fälle vor, Tendenz fallend. Dies liegt vor allem an verbesserten hygienischen Verhältnissen. Dennoch kann es gerade bei Reisen in Länder mit … Read more

Avocado Fruit Nutrition: Explore Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts

Avocado Fruit Nutrition Explore Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts

The avocado is an incredibly nutritious fruit full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats. Often called a “superfood”, avocados are packed with nutrients and provide many impressive health benefits.  Native to Central America and Mexico, avocados are now grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates around the world. Their rich, creamy texture and mild flavor … Read more