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Internship Opportunities

The Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established in 1994 dedicated to increasing and promoting health and wellness, reducing the incidence of preventable liver-related chronic diseases and lifestyles that negatively impact the liver including; obesity, diabetes, hepatitis, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease and fatty/liver cancer to the more than 500 million people worldwide who suffer from chronic hepatitis. HFI implements its mission through our touchstones to educate, prevent, serve and support. The Hepatitis Foundational reaches well over 5 million patients and health care professionals annually through its program implementation with public and private partners.

HFI’s Internship Program offers participants an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a non-profit patient advocacy organization that is growing and expanding its programs and services for greater impact. HFI offers both topic-based and skill-based internships. When considering internship opportunities with us, there are methods that preclude interest in:

  •  A specific topic and a number of relevant skills
  •  A specific skill but you are unsure of the topic or are interested in health in general.
  •  A specific skill you wish to apply to a specific topic.

Your expression of your creativity and ingenuity begins with the application: use the cover letter to describe why you are an excellent fit for the internship for which you are applying. If selected to intern with the Hepatitis Foundation International, you will be encouraged to develop and propose your own projects to the organization. See other requirements below.

Topical Based Internships

Maternal and Child Health
Our work in Expecting Health focuses on improving the health delivery system for women, children, and families across multiple points in life. We use the lens of screening and testing throughout the preconception, prenatal, and childhood periods to increase knowledge and promote the dissemination of evidence-based materials and resources. HFI looks to integrate grassroots education, national policy, and broad public awareness to highlight this area for mothers, children and families.

This internship is valuable for those interested in health education, genetic counseling, health policy, advocacy and outreach, research, business development, and new and traditional media relations.

Public Health and Public Policy
HFI offers a dynamic and substantive internship opportunity to promote HFI’s mission. The intern will develop, research, and promote public policy on critical issues on disease affecting the liver and other health related conditions. Responsibilities will include researching, developing advocacy materials (including topical issues in healthcare such as the Affordable Healthcare Act, obesity, and healthcare disparities) and developing content for legislative and advocacy policy, grant submissions, online and print publication, and programmatic prospects.

This internship is valuable for those interested in addressing social determinants of health, underserved communities, cultural competence, health disparities, stigma and knowledge of disease burden and costs, program design and development.

Our work in on improving the health delivery system for patients, individuals and families across multiple fronts and improving their quality of life means the way in which we communicate must be easily understood by these communities. Responsibility includes developing and refining HFI content published daily on our website and other communication channels to increase knowledge and promote the dissemination of evidence-based materials and resources. Manage and increase presence in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other community sites, as well as the development of relevant blogs.
Work to ensure that the strategic direction and message is executed consistently and properly in the social media sphere. Create and manage HFI media and integrate grassroots education, national policy, and broad public awareness and action for our constituents.

This internship is valuable for those interested in health communication, cultural competence, health disparities, stigma and knowledge of disease burden and costs, advocacy and outreach, and new and traditional media to garner and maintain relationship with our constituents.

Translational and Clinical Research/Trial Platforms
Hepatitis Foundation International’s research and clinical trials endeavors aims to advance translational and clinical research, and accelerate solutions for human health. This is accomplished by offering tools and platforms that empower citizens to participate in research and contribute their data, samples, and ideas. These initiatives also serve as a way of bringing together different healthcare stakeholders (patients, disease advocacy organizations, health providers, and researchers) to facilitate the clinical innovation process.

During this internship, you will be working on Hepatitis Foundation International programs and initiatives, including the Hepatitis Foundation International Hepatitis Patient Registry Network (HepPRN) and developing projects and/or programs that increases HFI’s research capacity.

You will also be able to focus on how partnerships among stakeholders will advance research initiatives that influence prevention and intervention; gain experience working on registries, natural history studies, and open access and privacy; obtain firsthand exposure to how the power of technological and data repositories can facilitate the translation of research into treatments, open access to information, and improve decision-making; develop valuable skills in data management and survey instrument design; build the technology and outreach aspects of campaigns to engage the public and patient communities; and engage in research activities. Interns will be tasked with creating concrete products, including peer-reviewed papers, white papers, surveys, tools, best practices, and web-based training modules.

This internship is valuable for those interested in bioinformatics, biomedical research, ethics, clinical data management, translational science, medical school, and more. A scientific background and strong communication skills are preferred.

Skills Based Internships

Technology and Health Internship
Focus on the power of technology to transform health. Interns will have the opportunity to develop projects and propose tools that are on the cutting edge of the interface between health and technology. Projects will include web-based tools; website maintenance, and managing information technology systems.

This internship is valuable for those interested in web design/development, information technology, and database management. Applicants with experience in information technology and/or web development are strongly preferred.

Outreach and Public Engagement
Outreach efforts are essential to the work conducted by the diverse array of organizations in Hepatitis Foundation International’s network. They are particularly important to those with a special focus on underserved communities and health and disease advocacy. Interns may work on direct outreach campaigns to engage with patients and caregivers directly by phone, or on promotional outreach campaigns. Interns will develop and enact effective strategies to communicate the benefits of joining our network, be the point of contact for non-profit leaders, maintain organized and up-to-date outreach progress reports, and track outreach success. Specific project activities may include outreach through social media, news jacking, and the creation of original blogs. Interns will gain valuable outreach and online marketing experience while assisting the Hepatitis Foundation International to revolutionize access to information and promote an environment of openness. For this internship, we strongly prefer individuals with public health and outreach experience, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and experience with social media tools, aggregators, and applications.

This internship is valuable for those interested in community outreach, underserved communities, program design and development, as well as social media, marketing, and analytics.

Application Process:

In the past, most interns have been college students, but Hepatitis Foundation International encourages individuals in various stages of their academic and professional careers to apply. The organization does require, however, that individuals demonstrate through previous experience a passion for improving overall health including health systems, processes and protocols to better meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities or have previous experience in the internship for which they are applying. Hepatitis Foundation International internships are highly competitive and encompass work requiring prior knowledge in each specific program area.

Location of Internship & Transportation
The Hepatitis Foundation International is conveniently located several blocks from the Silver Spring metro stop on the Red Line. HFI’s Address: The World Building, 8121 Georgia Avenue, Suite 350, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

Academic Credit
Interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between Hepatitis Foundation International and the intern’s college or university. All interns are subject to the applicable Hepatitis Foundation International’s Personnel Handbook.

Acknowledgments and Compensation
HFI gladly works with interns to accommodate class schedules, volunteer opportunities, degree requirements, which include hands on public health experiences and attending meetings of interest.

International internship applications are welcome, however, Hepatitis Foundation International does not sponsor international applicants for a work visa or offer assistance in relocation fees.

Each applicant may choose only one position for which to apply. Experience for each specific position must be addressed in a cover letter. Intern applications are considered on an ongoing basis. We offer single and multi-semester internships, in addition to summer or year-long opportunities. Intern applications are considered on an ongoing basis, but suggested deadlines are as follows:

Fall/Winter:  Currently ongoing
Winter/Spring:  November 16
Summer:  April 20

Application Materials:
1. One (1)-page letter of interest or cover letter (strictly enforced) – Please share with us how working with Hepatitis Foundation International will advance your professional and academic goals. In particular, describe what skills you offer and those you wish to gain during your internship. Please also be sure to indicate which of the above internship opportunities you are interested in (you may list more than one).
2. Resume or CV
3. A letter of recommendation from professors or previous employers.
4. A two-to-five-page writing sample (excluding citations) – Samples should not be scientific research papers. Samples may be excerpts of longer papers. If a sample exceeds the limit, only the first three pages will be considered. In your email providing the above materials, please tell us why you have chosen this writing sample to submit with your application. You may provide more than one writing sample if you feel it necessary to demonstrate a range of skills important to the internship of interest.
5. Any forms relevant to fulfilling requirements for your school or external program. This may include forms relevant for receiving funds or a grant to supplement the internship stipend or receiving academic credit.

Submitting Your Application Materials:
Because the Hepatitis Foundation International encourages environmentally friendly behavior, we prefer applicants to email their application materials to HR@hepatitisfoundation.org. Due to the volume of applications we receive each year, only those applicants who are asked to interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.