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Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone Or Is That Just A Myth? Examining The Evidence


Taking a bracing cold shower seems like an extreme wake-up ritual, but advocates claim the practice offers health perks like stimulating testosterone secretion. Cold water immersion has long been used for boosting vitality. But does the science support the notion that icy rinses can actually raise T levels and male hormones? Let’s objectively examine the evidence on cold showers and testosterone.

Cold Showers For Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, playing key roles in libido, fertility, bone and muscle health, fat distribution, and red blood cell production. Levels peak during the late teens to early 20s, then slowly decline with age.

Does Cold Showers Increase Testosterone

Low testosterone or “low T” is associated with symptoms like reduced sex drive, fatigue, weakness, depression, erectile dysfunction, and loss of body hair. 

Lifestyle measures like exercise, diet, sleep, and stress reduction help maintain healthy testosterone. But proponents also argue that frequent cold showers can boost testosterone as a supplemental habit.

Let’s dig into physiology and research.

Mechanisms Behind Cold Stimulation

Exposing the body to cold triggers a cascade of systemic responses. The initial “cold shock” causes physiological reactions:

Constriction of blood vessels to conserve heat 

– Increase in heart rate and blood pressure

– Release of stress hormones and neurotransmitters

Repeated with some adaptation, this triggers beneficial processes that fans of cold therapy believe enhance testosterone:0

Upregulation of antioxidant defenses 

– Reduced inflammation 

– Improved circulation 

– Hardening to stress

– Increased calorie burn

But what does the science actually indicate about cold showers specifically elevating testosterone levels?

Evidence On Cold Water And Testosterone

Controlled trials looking at cold water’s effects on testosterone are limited but offer some insights:

  • A 2017 study of young obese men found that 30-minute cold baths raised testosterone levels temporarily for about 30 minutes afterward. 
  • Another trial in rugby players showed that 14 minutes of cold water immersion stimulated a brief spike in testosterone, returning to baseline within the hour. 
  • Research on strength training combined with cold water immersion found no meaningful effect of cold on baseline testosterone levels.
  • One study found ice baths after resistance exercise prevented the typical post-workout rise in testosterone.

Based on current evidence, cold showers may provide a temporary boost in testosterone, but no lasting elevation. The duration of cold exposure in these studies was longer than a typical cold shower. Let’s look at other considerations around cold water and male hormones.

Effect On Related Hormones And Circulation

Cold shower advocates also cite potential effects on other androgen hormones and circulatory function:

  • Cold immersion lowers SHBG protein, possibly increasing bioavailable testosterone. But levels normalize rapidly after the cold ends.
  • Cold initially raises norepinephrine, which plays a role in erections and arousal. But these spikes are transient.
  • Cold showers constrict blood vessels but may spur positive vascular adaptations with regular use, improving blood flow.

However, these biological responses have not been extensively studied regarding sustained impacts on testosterone or sexual function.

Considerations For Cold Shower Use

While evidence that cold showers boost testosterone remains minimal, some considerations for those who enjoy invigorating cold showers:

  • Start with warm water and gradually decrease the temperature. End with 30-60 seconds of pure cold.
  • Gradually increase cold exposure duration from 15-30 seconds to 2-3 minutes maximum over weeks.
  • Limit cold showers to 1-2 times daily maximum to avoid excessive stress responses.
  • Avoid extreme cold showers if you have heart disease, Raynaud’s or poor circulation.

Take cold showers earlier in the day; the stimulation may interfere with sleep if done near bedtime.

Additional Health Benefits

Though impacts on testosterone are inconclusive at this time, research does show cold shower benefits like:

  • Improved mood and energy
  • Reduced soreness and faster recovery after exercise  
  • Boosted immunity; cold exposure activates helpful immune cells
  • Increased willpower, focus, and alertness through mild stress adaptation
  • Better skin and hair through tightened cuticles and stimulated circulation


Current evidence that icy cold showers can sustainably raise testosterone levels is limited. Brief spikes occur during and after cold exposure. But baseline male hormones remain unchanged with regular cold showers. That said, the practice does appear quite safe for most people and offers other advantages like improved mood and immunity.

Those seeking to specifically increase testosterone should prioritize sound sleep, resistance exercise, nutrition, and stress management. Cold showers provide an invigorating complement without profound male hormone effects for most men.


1. Do cold showers permanently increase testosterone?

Based on current research, cold showers do not appear to permanently raise baseline testosterone levels. They may briefly increase T while in the shower and for about 30 minutes after.

2. Can cold showers help erectile dysfunction?

Cold may temporarily strengthen erections due to increased norepinephrine. But regular cold showers alone are unlikely to treat persistent erectile dysfunction without addressing the underlying cause.

3. Is it safe to take very cold showers? 

For most people, brief 30-90 second cold shower segments are safe. Those with cardiovascular problems should exercise caution and avoid extreme cold exposure.

4. Do cold showers increase muscle mass?

Cold may aid muscle recovery after intense exercise. But cold alone does not directly increase muscle mass – strength training and adequate protein intake are required to build muscle.

5. Are cold showers good for fertility?

Some claim cold showers improve sperm count and quality, but evidence is lacking. Many factors affect fertility that cold showers are unlikely to fix. See a doctor if concerned about fertility.

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