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What Exercises Burn The Most Calories? 12 Top-Ranked Fat-Blasting Workouts


Want to ramp up calorie burning for effective weight management or fitness gains? Certain exercises skyrocket energy expenditure more than others. Read on for the workouts that torch the most calories, allowing you to maximize your gym sessions or home workouts.

12 High-Calorie Burning Exercises

The number of calories burned during exercise depends on factors like intensity, duration, conditioning level, and muscle mass. While all physical activity supports better health, some workouts have a higher metabolic cost, expending significantly more energy.

12 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

Incorporating these highly-effective calorie-burning exercises into your routine, along with a sensible nutrition plan, helps create a caloric deficit for weight loss or provides extra calories to fuel muscle growth and performance.

Here are 12 exercises and activities found to burn the most calories per hour based on research:

1. Jump Rope

  • Upwards of 1,000 calories per hour
  • High-intensity cardio and coordination
  • Works legs, shoulders, arms, core

2. Rowing

  • Over 800 calories per hour
  • Full-body cardio workout
  • Strength and endurance building

3. Stair Step Machine

  • Estimated 600-650 calories per hour
  • Mimics climbing stairs
  • Low-impact but intense cardio

4. High-Intensity Interval Training

  • 600 or more calories per hour
  • Alternating bursts of intense activity and recovery
  • Increases cardiovascular fitness

5. CrossFit/Circuit Training

  • 500-800+ calories per hour
  • High-intensity functional training
  • Improves strength, endurance, and power

6. Kettlebell Training

  • Estimated 600 calories per hour
  • Dynamic resistance using swinging momentum
  • Increases strength, balance, and mobility

7. Kickboxing

  • Over 800 calories per hour
  • Powerful punches and kicks
  • Builds coordination, endurance, and agility

8. Running/Jogging

  • Varies based on speed and intensity
  • Burns 500-900+ calories per hour
  • Strengthens heart, lungs, and legs

9. Swimming Laps

  • Upwards of 800 calories per hour
  • Low-impact, high-resistance cardio
  • Works for all major muscle groups

10. Hiking/Backpacking

  • Around 500 calories per hour
  • Challenging cardio workout outdoors
  • Strengthen legs, glutes, core, and arms

11. Mountain Biking

  • Burn 500 or more calories per hour
  • Off-road cardiovascular exercise
  • Builds balance, endurance, and coordination

12. Tabata Workouts

  • Over 450 calories in just 30 minutes
  • Intense 20 seconds, 10 seconds intervals
  • Skyrockets cardiovascular fitness fast

Tips To Maximize Calorie Burn

➜ Give maximum effort and work close to your limit during exercise sessions.

➜ Incorporate high-intensity interval, plyometric, or resistance training.

➜ Optimize workout form and technique for full effectiveness.

➜ Minimize rest periods between sets, exercises, or intervals.

➜ Progressively increase workout intensity and duration as you get fitter.

➜ Maintain higher intensity exercise for longer durations to expend more calories.

➜ Add weights or resistance bands to cardio for extra resistance and greater energy expenditure.

➜ Monitor heart rate for feedback on workout intensity and calorie burn.


Consistency is key when selecting the most calorie-torching exercises to meet your goals. Support your efforts with proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and recovery practices. Burn more calories, boost cardiovascular endurance, and build lean muscle with intense full-body workouts.

Pair your calorie-blasting exercise regimen with a sensible eating plan to lose or maintain weight in a healthy, sustainable way.


1. Which exercise burns the most belly fat?

Spot reduction of fat is a myth. You lose weight overall when in a caloric deficit. The most effective exercises for fat loss are high-intensity strength and cardio circuits.

2. Is running better than walking for burning calories?

Yes, running burns more calories per hour and is a higher-intensity exercise than walking. But slower-paced walking is a lower impact.

3. Is 45 minutes of exercise enough to lose weight?

It depends on the exercise intensity. 45 minutes of high-calorie activities like swimming, running, or circuits can aid weight loss combined with a proper diet. Lower-intensity activity needs more time.

4. Can you lose weight by just doing yoga?

Regular yoga provides many benefits but is not likely to burn sufficient calories alone for major weight loss without dietary changes. Combining with higher intensity cardio maximizes fat burning.

5. How many calories does strength training burn?

Strength training burns approximately 200-300 calories per 30 minutes. It builds metabolism-boosting muscle so promotes fat loss with cardio workouts

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